Agrigento – a walk through the alleyways of the historic centre

The tour includes a visit to the historical centre of old Girgenti. The Cathedral: elevated to a minor basilica by Pope Pius XXI in 1951, it stands in the centre of Agrigento and has a long flight of steps and a façade with a wide doorway. Santa Maria dei Greci, built in 1200 on the remains of an ancient Doric temple of Greek origin. Sant’Alfonso and the ancient medieval monastery of Santo Spirito, an architectural and monumental complex located in the heart of the urban-historical centre of the city, founded in 1299 and with some Bernini stuccoes inside. Strolling along the elegant Via Atenea, full of buildings that were once the residence of noblemen, you will hear anecdotes about the sacredness of religious processions and learn about popular culture and traditions. (EXCURSIONS VARY IN LENGTH)