Favara – between history and contemporaneity, discovering the Farm Cultural Park

Discovering Favara means taking a journey through the contradictions of the Sicilian territory. The town shows visitors large unfinished buildings next to ancient churches and palaces: the town centre is located in Piazza Cavour, dominated by the Norman Castle and sumptuous palaces. Favara’s Mother Church, ‘a Matrici’, which houses a large and valuable 17th century crucifix, and the Church of the Rosary, with its fine 16th century coffered ceiling, are both worth a visit. Hidden inside the “Setti cortili” (Seventh Courtyards) is the Farm Cultural Park, an interesting example of recovery of a degraded centre. Farm is now the main example of outdoor contemporary art on the entire island. Here it is not unusual to find avant-garde artists exhibiting and creating their works. (EXCURSIONS VARY IN LENGTH)