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Naro – Arab/Baroque town

The prevailing architectural style in the town of Naro is Baroque, known as the ‘Baroque of Naro’ for its distinctive features, but the town has its roots in Arab culture: it was the Moors who built a majestic castle. This town is rich in history: several catacombs and Roman villas were found here, testifying to early Christian settlements, including the Grotta delle Meraviglie (Cave of Wonders). It is also worth visiting the Sanctuary of San Calogero, the black patron saint of the town. From the crypt you can reach the cave where the saint spent his life as a hermit. On the hill overlooking the town is the Chiaramontano Castle, built in the 14th century and a national monument since 1912. Frederick III of Aragon fortified the pre-existing Swabian structure and it is to him that we attribute the tradition of the construction of the imposing square tower in 1330. The itinerary includes visits to the Baroque churches of Ss. Salvatore, San Nicola di Bari, Chiesa Madre, the former Jesuit college and San Calogero. It is suggestive to visit it during the period of the patronal feast, which lasts ten days, when several processions and artistic and cultural events take place. The town is also mentioned by Leonardo Sciascia in his book “Kermesse” and in “Il veleno dell’oleandro” by Simonetta Agnello Hornby. (EXCURSIONS VARY IN LENGTH)