Sicilian experiences and the metaphysics of the Andromeda Theatre

Those who have never visited these places cannot fail to be surprised and pleasantly surprised when, from the provincial road that leads inland from Agrigento, they are almost suddenly confronted with a unique sight. At the centre of the valley of the Platani river and amidst the wild, rugged vegetation stands a cluster of small houses overlooking the hillside: this is the characteristic village of Sant’Angelo Muxaro. From the main square it is possible to take part in a variety of excursions ranging from speleological visits, to walks along country paths, to off-road trips, to tastings of typical products such as fresh ricotta cheese and homemade bread, and finally a visit to traditional workshops such as those of straw weavers or farriers. The suggestive Andromeda Theatre in Santo Stefano di Quisquina deserves a special mention: where the Sicani mountains rise up to meet the sky to capture the stars. The theatre is made of stone placed on top of stone, with a ceiling of pure nothing, along a walkway where there are sculptures and statues (the one of fallen Icarus is beautiful). One hundred and eight cubes spread out in front of the circle-shaped proscenium – one hundred and eight places to sit – correspond to the lights of the Galaxy. (EXCURSIONS VARY IN LENGTH)