Our history

“Knowing where we come from to find out where we are going”

A tale that tastes of passion, my curiosity about the origins of the Doric Bed Boutique Hotel was soon satisfied: the land lot where the hotel is located was purchased in 2008, the original condition was a uncultivated land without any plant.
In 2009 the owner started work on the house, which has used his craft and his skills as an architect in the care of details and in the perfect harmony of the structure.
In 2013, the central building becomes a residence, since the beginning the attention to the environment has been an essential priority. The class A ++ building, is designed for water recovery, for natural ventilation and for a power supply through a photovoltaic and solar thermal system.
The business activity was carried out our with great passion obtaining great results and appreciation from the thousands of guests who have stayed there.
In 2018 the structure was enlarged becoming a Boutique Hotel, new elegant and original rooms were built with its own terrace and private pool and other services such as a wellness center and an excellent restaurant were added.