The copy of this regulation is placed in each room in order to everyone can read it.
The management reserves the right to modify the present regulation for opportunity reasons and services functioning by affixing changes to the reception of the hotel.

We kindly ask you to respect the following instructions:
• Each guest must register his presence by showing the identity card or passport upon his arrival at the reception. The documents will be returned after being registered in the guestbook.

• Breakfast will be served from 8:00 to 10:00, different times can be arranged with the reception staff.
In case you reserve a table for the lunch or dinner, please ask to the reception staff.

• Leave the room before 10:30 am. If you want to delay your stay please inform the staff at the reception.

• The check-in starts from 2.00 pm to 8.00 pm / Guests must arrive before 8.00 pm, except in exceptional cases (in this case please advise us before) / In order to respect the guests rest the arrivals after 11:30 pm will not be accepted.

• From 11:00 pm in all rooms the acoustic volume must be reduced. Please keep a low volume even in the corridors, stairs and in the garden-terrace.

• Smoking is absolutely banned in all the locals inside the building. (The management reserves the immediate removal).
• It is allowed to bring docile temperament small pets (after informing the hotel staff).

• Money and other valuable things can be deposited in the in-room safe.
• It is forbidden to bring inflammable and explosive things, substances with strong or unpleasant odors and domestic appliances if you have not obtained the permission of the hotel.

• When you leave the rooms, please lock it up.

• A rational use of water and electricity is recommended (close faucets, switch off the light and other appliances when they are not needed).
• It is forbidden to damage or take away the inventoried goods from the room. In the event of damage we ask you to inform us immediately.
• Inside your minibar there are several alcoholic beverages. After consumption we kindly ask you to fill in the relative form and deliver it to the reception.

• Who causes damage to the hotel or objects in the room or lose or damage the keys given by the reception, will have to pay a penalty that will be charged on the cost of the stay. This penalty will be calculated based on the extent of the damage caused.

During your stay, the reception staff will be at your complete disposal for any information or help

In a spirit of cooperation, the management would like to inform you that, given the current trend of Covid-19 infections, for the greater protection of our guests and staff, in order to gain access to the facility, your temperature will be measured and you will be asked to present your Green Pass if you have one. In the absence of this certification, a rapid antigen swab will be taken directly at Reception