Farm Cultural Park

Just 8 km from the Valley of the Temples I discovered Favara. I discovered a village overlooking the hills, a village whose origins are ancient and where it is really pleasant to spend pleasant moments of relaxation. I also discovered that in the heart of Favara rises the first cultural and touristic center of Sicily. A great extemporaneous exhibition that involves the entire historical center of Favara with exhibitions, presentations and permanent installations of contemporary art. The ambitious idea behind this avant-garde project is to make Favara the second touristic attraction of Agrigento, immediately after the incomparable Valley of the Temples.
But Favara is also history and traditions.
The main attraction of Favara is the Chiaramonte Castle. Actually the Castle, as we commonly consider it architecturally, it is an impressive palace built by King Frederick II of Swabia around 1270. The vaults, the loopholes, the portals, the mysteries that surround it and the events that often take place inside it make the Castle a really interesting place to visit.
Favara is also good food and excellent typical sweets, this is way it is called the “City of Easter Lamb”, an excellent local dessert prepared with almonds and pistachios.
Discovering the history, habits and culture of small towns that surround Agrigento I better understood the value of my holiday in Sicily.