Torre Salsa and Punta Bianca

Agrigento is a territory very rich of tourism, culture and landscape. And what a wonder to visit the Torre Salsa WWF Oasis, it was incredible. It is a reserve of 760 hectares of nature: cliffs, beaches, sand dunes, small streams and many animal species.
An uncontaminated and protected setting in which to admire a wonderful landscape.
Another amazing place is the famous Punta Bianca beach: it is a rocky, white, smooth and calcareous ledge.
The rock draws in the sea a series of coves, bathed by a crystalline and iridescent sea.
Punta Bianca has a great archaeological and naturalistic value, with the presence of dwarf palms, sages and mastic trees. Behind this beautiful coast there are several hills of chalky nature inhabited since prehistoric times, such as Monte Grande.
To reach Punta Bianca it is necessary to take a dirt road surrounded by nature.