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Food and Nectar of the Gods

Authentic culinary tradition

In our gastronomic journey we tell the story of Sicily, a land that has always been a crossroads of multiple populations and that has developed a varied, authentic and original culinary tradition over the centuries.

The pride of Sicilian cuisine has always been the deliciousness of its ingredients. In the preparation of our dishes, our kitchen, composed of Alejandra, Giuseppa, Giovanni, Massimo and Enzo, pays close attention to the selection of the best gastronomic and oenological products coming exclusively from local companies and from our vegetable garden, so as to allow for a total immersion in the genuine flavours of Sicily.

The Doric Boutique Hotel, aware of the importance of environmental sustainability, utilizes bioproducts cultivated at its farm (pistachios, almonds, olive oil) and aromatic herbs from its garden to recreate the magical atmosphere offered by our territory. In addition, the facility has a phyto-purification plant in order to recreate the environment’s natural self-purification processes; in this way, the water is reused and the pollutants in it are removed without the use of electromechanical parts.

We take you on a sensory journey through the history of Sicily, where visual and fusion meet: classic and contemporary come together to delight the palate with extraordinary aromas and flavours.

It is with gre at pleasure that we present our culinary delights

Doric Farm beef ham (7,12)
€ 22,00

Veal loin cooked at low temperature with burrata cream, avocado and evo oil.

Raw fish (2,4,6,7)
€ 30,00

Mazara shrimp, langoustine, marinated mackerel, sweet anchovy mayonnaise, tuna tartare, white shrimp, seasonal fruit, lime yogurt sauce, fruit, and evo oil.

Tuna trilogy (3,6,8,9,12)
€ 30,00

Tuna tartare with green apples marinated in Sicilian citrus, seared tataki with candied celery, bottarga mayonnaise, red onion, smoked tuna with misticanza salad, toasted almond and berries.

Crunchy Egg (1,3,7)
€ 16,00

Crunchy egg poché on cheese cream and jam of fresh fruit.

Caprese cloud (1,7)
€ 16,00

Fior di latte mozzarella mousse, cheese crumble, tomato cooked at low temperature and basil oil essence.

Lamb and Mussels‘ wedding (14)
€ 24,00

Lamb carpaccio and Mediterranean style cooked mussel wrapped in a transparent veil rich with smells from our garden.

Sea bubble (1,2, 14)
€ 20,00

Soup with potatoes, carrots, snow peas, mussels, clams, prawns.

First courses
Fresh Spaghetti with clams and sea urchins (1,3,14)
€ 25,00

Spaghetti with sea urchins, shelled clams and garlic and oil emulsion.

Spaghetti with Mazara prawn (1, 3,14)
€ 25,00

Long drying spaghetti with Mazara prawn, saffron, yellow tomatoes and olive oil.

Fresh stuffed ravioloni (1,3,7)
€ 25,00

Ravioloni of fresh pasta stuffed with eggplant and scamorza cheese with coulis of Cherry tomatoes, basil reduction and parmesan mousse.

Risotto with Sicilian citrus fruits (2,4)
€ 25,00

Vialone Nano risotto with scampi, bottarga and citrus fruits.

Sicilian pesto pasta (1,3,7,8)
€ 18,00

Fresh veg. pasta with tomato, basil, garlic, almond, pistachio and salted ricotta.

Lobster or red lobster (2,4)
€ 12,00 etto

Extra charge fort he pasta. (1 ) € 10,00

Second courses
Amberjack fish fillet (4,7,14)
€ 22,00

Amberjack fish fillet with lumpfish egg and urchin sauce.

Roasted octopus
€ 22,00

Octopus on orange scented cherry tomato coulis, seasonal vegetables, black olives, caper berries, caramelized onion, sea air, eggplant croutons.

Seared tuna (4,8,11)
€ 25.00

Yellowfin tuna with caramelized onion, sun-dried tomato, cucunci, sea air poppy seed waffle

Duck breast
€ 25,00

Canette de Barberie duck breast cooked at low temperature in orange sauce and anise, crushed potato with a hint of saffron and vegetables.

Veal fillet (1)
€ 35,00

Veal fillet with poppy seed wafer and asparagus mousse.

Veal cheek (7,12)
€ 25,00

Veal cheek with legume and potato mousse finished with marsala yogurt and fennel cream.

Pork belly
€ 25,00

Pork belly cooked at low temperature with seasonal vegetables.

Salt crusted fish (3,4)
€ 10,00 per hecto

Mediterranean fish based on kitchen availability: snapper, sea bass, sea bream, etc.

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Information on food allergies

Certain dishes and beverages may contain one or more of the 14 allergens designated by EU Regulation No. 1169/2011.

The designated allergens and products thereof are:

(1) Cereals containing gluten (2) Crustaceans (3) Eggs (4) Fish (5) Peanuts (6) Soybeans (7) Milk

(8) Nuts (9) Celery (10) Mustard (11) Sesame seeds (12) Sulphur dioxide and sulphites (13) Lupin beans (14) Molluscs.

We cannot guarantee the total absence of allergens in all of our dishes and beverages.

Fish intended to be eaten raw or almost raw have been treated beforehand, in compliance with the provisions of EC Regulation 853/2004, Annex III, Section VIII, Chapter 3, Paragraph D, Point 3.

Dishes or ingredients marked with © are frozen, frozen at source by the manufacturer, or have been chilled to a negative temperature on site to guarantee their quality and safety for public health. This complies with the procedures described in the HACCP Plan pursuant to EC Regulation 852/04. Our restaurant staff is atyour disposal to provide any information regarding the nature and origin of the food served.

Our commitment toward sustainability is reflected in our product sourcing.

Many of our products (including our fish, meats, produce, dairies) come from local suppliers.

Our chocolate is green certified and meets the highest standards of environmental sustainability and social impact.

vegetarian vegan gluten-free

Prices in Euros, service included – IVA included – 5 Euro cover charge per person

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