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Food and Nectar of the Gods

The Ambrosia Kitchen Restaurant

“Thetis anointed the infant Achilles in ambrosia and dipped him in fire to make him immortal.”

Doric the residence of the Gods and its Ambrosia restaurant welcome those who, today as yesterday, appreciate the invigorating relationship with history, nature and the harmony of the senses.

In our gastronomic journey we tell the story of Sicily, a land that has always been a crossroads between multiple populations and has developed over the centuries a varied, authentic and original culinary tradition.

The pride of Sicilian cuisine has always been the goodness of its raw materials. In the preparation of our dishes, our kitchen, with Alejandra, Giuseppe, Giuseppa and Enzo, pays special attention to the selection of the best gastronomic and oenological realities coming exclusively from local companies and from our vegetable garden, so as to allow a total immersion in the authenticity of the ancient Sicilian flavors.

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Inspired by our history, surrounded by nature to provide a unique experience.

I can still smell it

The Breakfast

Freshly baked goods, Sicilian pastries, fresh fruit and the aroma of coffee. A hearty, fragrant, sea-view good morning. A valley as majestic as it is silent that seems to respect the delicacy of awakening.

At Doric, we offer a continental and international breakfast that does not, however, neglect the roots and flavors of our land: alongside the usual croissants and scrambled eggs, we offer a wide selection of typical Sicilian dishes ranging from pistachio and almond cakes to the now famous granita, passing through savory specialties such as panelle, arancine and local cheeses.

Even our breakfast winks at the philosophy that sets us apart: almonds and pistachios present in the various specialties are those of our Farm, as are the oranges that are used for the juices and vegetables we serve.

We are also able to provide egg-free, lactose-free and gluten-free products and attend to all dietary/dietary requests of our beloved guests.

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