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Sustainability and territorial development

Sustainability is at the heart of the Doric philosophy. We are committed to preserving the environment and minimising our impact on the environment by optimising the efficiency of our systems as much as possible.

Thanks to the energy generated by our Photovoltaic and thermal systems, we are able to cover 80% of the energy we consume and are close to achieving full self-sufficiency. Specifically, the energy generated by the solar panels is utilized to heat the water used in the hotel.

Our wastewater phyto-purification system allows us to obtain water suitable for use in irrigation. This allows us to be 100 per cent autonomous as far as irrigation is concerned.

The Doric’s cuisine focuses on the use of products from local sources or from its own farm: from pistachios to almonds, from vegetables to aromatic herbs.

Annual Report

Self Production
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Tonnes of CO2 saved
Matching Trees
Electricity generated by photovoltaics and self-consumption
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Solar Thermal Energy
0 kW
Electricity taken from the grid
0 kWh
Purified and reused water in the garden
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The Return of the Inzolia Black Berry

The Doric Awakens a Sicilian Relic

Doric has grafted a Sicilian relic vine, an ancient native black berry Inzolia variety whose production had been completely destroyed. In this way, the hotel is committed to protecting and preserving Sicily’s cultural and gastronomic heritage.

This vine was combined in the past with other vines, particularly the Perricone vine, to adjust the pH of the must and facilitate the fermentation process. Without the use of this vine, it was in fact necessary to harvest the Perricone vine at the beginning of August, when it had not yet fully developed its organoleptic properties. With the advent of industry and the use of chemicals in agriculture, its use gradually lost importance until it was totally eliminated.

In 2025 the Doric will have the privilege of producing the world’s only Inzolia red wine label.

Adopt a Vitis, Savour History

In order to involve all those who wish to participate in this project and own a piece of history, our company is giving the possibility of renting a grapevine, which will be given a label with the name of the owner, to whom the wine produced will be sent.

Murales realizzato da Alice Pasquini in collaborazione con donne aiutate dall'organizzazione
Mural created by Alice Pasquini in collaboration with women helped by the organisation

Sustainability and Local Development

In support of local people, the hotel engages in charity activities aimed at leaving no one behind. A portion of the amount of each reservation is donated to a nonprofit organization, the Cultural Farm Park, which in turn organizes projects to support those most in need. In particular, help has recently been offered to immigrant women from the African continent.

Integrated Local Growth

The Doric Eco Boutique Resort firmly believes that the protection and promotion of the territory is an essential element to strengthen environmental sustainability; therefore, it is actively engaged in a policy aimed at stimulating the growth of the area through the promotion and sale of products made both within its farm or by local companies, such as a brewery or honey obtained by local beekeepers from trees located within the archaeological park of the Valley of the Temples. In this way, the Doric is committed to offering its Guests the best of the area while contributing to its growth.

Authenticity and Territorial Sustainability

Although the Doric is not part of any hotellerie giant, it is a company founded and managed by a local with the desire to promote the area and to bring out the peculiarities of Sicily and everything that makes it a unique island. This is an added value, as while maintaining a global vision, the company works on the basis of local culture and needs, supporting the development of the area and promoting Sicilian heritage, so as to offer Guests the most authentic example of local hospitality.

the sustainability cycle: The three pillars of sustainable tourism

Actions taken in support of sustainability by the Hotel

Cultural sustainability

Protection of local cultural heritage

Diversity & Inclusion
Cultural Preservation
Native Cuisine
Community Involvement
Recovery of a relic vineyard
Renovation of a Sicilian baglio
Environmental sustainability

Protection of environment and biodiversity

Water treatment
Waste Management
Renewable energy production
Local Sourcing
Carbon Reduction
Plastic Reduction
Economic sustainability

Support of local communities

Local workforce
Partnerships with local companies
Local charity
Local Artisans
sale of pistachios, almonds, olive oil and wine from our farm
Home company
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